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As part of its natural function the body has endless responses

As part of its natural function the body has endless responses going off within it, in its connection with all things as long as it lives. What we call thought, or mind or what causes us to assume thought or mind exists is the endless ripples, waves or vibrations that emanate from the body's sensations in its living responses to life.

If time management is your challenge - you can't finish one thing because you're busy trying to get caught up on something else - you might find it helpful to get some time management coaching. An outside perspective can help you identify habits that are holding you back.

Through our thinking we can make a problem of absolutely anything, eating, sleeping, exercising etc. These problems are all the result of thought. Why do we think up problems? It is because we are at odds with how we feel, so we think of something or someone to blame. In doing this we escape ourselves, losing ourselves in projections and stories. Refuse such thoughts and stay with the feeling of yourself in and as the flesh.



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